10+ Vans Slip on Outfit

Vans Slip-on Outfit to Keep You Warm in 2020 Winter

1- The coat
The coat is your essential piece of winter. You might as well invest in a quality model that you will wear for several seasons rather than wearing a poor quality coat that you will have to change every year. And with which you will be cold. It will benefit your style budget. As the coat is a piece that is worn every day and that it is the 3rd layer of the puzzle, it is important to take the time to choose your cut, color, and material well because it defines your personal style. Ok, but what is a coat worthy of the name? It should be made up of one or more of these materials: mostly wool, mohair, alpaca, leather, suede; in the minority of polyester, polyamide, and acrylic.

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2- T-shirt or thermal camisole
As mentioned above, your first layer is essential in winter. Whether it’s a light camisole or a more enveloping t-shirt, it embraces the upper part of your body and keeps you warm. It goes without saying that it is a strategic comfort level piece. Aesthetics don’t matter, but I advise you to find a model that you still find pretty. You will wear it more easily and with pleasure. Invest in a thermal material model.

3- The knitted sweater or cardigan
This piece represents the second layer of your outfit. You also wear them every day in winter. Whether you choose the sweater or the cardigan or both, do not skimp on the quality once again to protect yourself from the cold (wool, mohair, merino, cashmere, velvet, cotton, viscose in the majority). Choose this piece in a basic and halftone pattern and color at first. Then you can venture into stronger colors.

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4-Jeans Vans Slip-on Outfit
It will allow you to never go wrong in your jeans purchases and always invest in the right pieces according to your figure. Save time and money. A sustainable and solid approach. This piece also plays a fundamental role in your winter style. You spend a lot of time in jeans, whether it is the weekend in a relaxed way or the week in a more dressed and chic way. So take the trouble to choose it well, wear it well and above all to opt for quality: cotton in the majority and a little elastane for comfort. If you’re still cold, don’t hesitate to wear tights or thermal leggings underneath, and you’ll be relieved.

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